Grace Keltner, MSN, FNP-C

Grace Keltner knew at age six that she would be a nurse. She simply wanted to help people, and she has always felt that helping the whole person – not just the symptom or the disease is her purpose. She craved knowledge and understanding about how the human body works. She became proficient in Spanish and earned her BSN from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2005.

Throughout her 10-year career as a registered nurse she worked in hospitals, in-home hospice, and primary care clinics. While attending graduate school at UMKC, one of Grace’s preceptors introduced her to functional medicine. She saw a whole new way of approaching health and disease – even her own! This fueled her craving for knowing more and helping people in a deeper way.

Grace sought out as much input as she could from the functional medicine world while working as a pain management nurse practitioner for nearly 7 years. During this time she learned through back and neck assessments and how to address key muscle weakness as a root cause of low back and neck pain. She saw there is no “quick fix” to chronic problems and loved having alternative or complementary treatments to discuss with patients who had tried and failed conventional treatments. She is currently pursuing her certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine and holds a certification in essential oils.

Grace enjoys partnering with her patients to find solutions that are tailored for them. She believes patients are in the “driver’s seat” of their healthcare journey and should be equipped to confidently make their own decisions along the way. She is passionate about helping people find healing and wholeness for the mind, body, and spirit. She sees every person’s illness much like a puzzle with many pieces to put together before a clear picture can be seen. Preventing, slowing, and reversing Alzheimer’s disease is one of the topics closest to her heart. Other diseases at the top of her target list include, toxic mold illness (CIRS), Tick borne illnesses, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease.

Grace Keltner


Sessions will go as follows:
  • 90 min Initial consults are $400
  • Follow-ups $300/Hourly Rate

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