Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott APRN, FNP-C graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honors from the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing and later went on to complete her Masters Degree at Graceland University with honors. She is board certified in Family Practice.

While at Graceland she received the Gerald Jeschke Perseverance Award, which is awarded to one Masters student who excels in their education despite obstacles. This award speaks to her dedicated and committed personality. Stephanie’s dedication and commitment in her educational accomplishments carries over into the care she provides to her patients.

Stephanie is determined to make a difference in the lives of others. She believes that a thorough diagnosis and full understanding of the root of the problem is key to treating the whole person. Diagnosing and treating patients is not focusing on a few symptoms at a time but researching the questions, “Are all these symptoms connected? If so, how are they connected?”.

After practicing conventional medicine, Stephanie feels there is more she can do to improve her patients’ health and wellness. Stephanie’s philosophy is that while there is a need for conventional medicine, integrating this with alternative treatments and empowering patients to take responsibility for their health is the best and most effective approach.

Like Dr. Jellison and Dr. Reicherter, Stephanie feels that patients need more attention and time than a typical 15-minute consultation and is excited to provide the time and care her patients deserve. She strongly believes health is the key to happiness, because it gives us the time and energy to enjoy our lives with those we love. She is excited to help her patients achieve their health goals and live their lives to the fullest.

Stephanie Scott

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