I was in perfect health all of my life when one day I woke up with intense muscular spasms, tingling and fatigue. At one point I could barely move and from there things went from bad to worse with my hormones and immune system. At first doctors took me seriously as they were concerned with meningitis, MS etc. but once those standard conditions were ruled out I was dismissed over and over again for having a psychological breakdown. I saw over 15 specialists, went to Mayo Clinic and had over $200,000 in medical claims from testing and diagnostics over the course of a year. My symptoms were having a progressively negative impact on my work and personal life and I became quite hopeless as none of the specialists I went to listened to me or collaborated across other specialties to think outside the box. Since what I was experiencing was not “textbook” it must be in my head. Fortunately, I decided to go visit Dr. Reicherter for my excessive hair loss and acne that had manifested among many other symptoms. Dr. Reicherter was so compassionate and empathetic as he had gone through a similar experience. He was able to point me to his wife, Dr. Jellison who has worked with me in an integrative approach to determine that I have mold poisoning and a genetic predisposition to mold illness due to faulty detox pathways. The mold I had been exposed to for years at work had built up in my system affecting all aspects of my health. I was incredibly relieved to not only have answers but to be working with two individuals who are passionate about their patients and truly wanted to help me feel better, not just cover up symptoms with trial medications. I have since improved significantly. Dr. Jellison is incredibly knowledgeable and I trust her implicitly. She is always available for me to contact with questions and follow up, even remotely as I have since moved from Kansas City. I could not have asked for better care!