Dr. Paul Reicherter, MD

Functional and Integrative Medicine, Overland Park, KS

Dr. Paul Reicherter, MD, began at Baker University where he was a scholar athlete and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He earned his medical degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he graduated with honors and was introduced into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. He then went on to do his residency at the prestigious dermatology program at Stanford University.

Dr. Paul Reicherter, MD has spent many years gaining knowledge and practice with functional and integrative medicine approaches. He believes that all conditions have a “root cause” and it’s not just bad luck and genetics. He understands many come to this path of complementary and alternative medicine out of necessity or even desperation. As he journeyed through his own personal health struggles, he needed to gain back his dignity, his health, and his emotional well-being, as well as his life. None of this was possible with tools that are taught in medical schools today. There had to be a better way. Utilizing functional and integrative medical approaches, he solved the puzzle that led to his wellness. This is what changed his life and his perspective of medicine.

Dr. Paul Reicherter, MD is in the process of becoming a certified Functional Medicine Physician and has studied the Shoemaker Protocol. He has lectured on Lyme disease and has attended numerous conferences on the subject.

Bredesen Protocol™

Dr. Paul Reicherter, MD has been trained in the Bredesen Protocol™. The protocol is a comprehensive, personalized program that is designed to improve patient’s cognition and reverse the decline in early Alzheimer’s, subjective cognitive impairment, and mild cognitive impairment. The Bredesen protocol mirrors his own philosophy of dealing with the root cause of one’s illness while resisting the false assumption that a medication, alone, will cure disease. Nearly 45 million people will develop Alzheimer’s in their lifetime if nothing is done. Many will continue to hope for the miracle pill while instead they could be dealing with the root cause and get on a program, such as this, to reverse memory decline.

Dr. Paul Reicherter, MD

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