Jessica Jellison, MD

Experienced and Knowledgeable Physician

Jessica Jellison, MD, graduated summa cum laude from University of Missouri-Kansas City. She earned her medical degree and completed her residency training at University of Missouri-Columbia. She is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine. After practicing conventional internal medicine, she knew her patients needed more than just 15 minute appointments and pharmaceutical medications. She saw her patients needed healing-oriented medicine and so she then went on to pursue and complete a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. In addition to being a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), Dr. Jellison is undergoing certification in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and becoming a Shoemaker Certified Mold Doctor. Dr. Jellison treats the body as a whole and understands how interactions among human biological systems influence the overall health of her patients. Instead of simply treating symptoms, she addresses the root cause of her patients’ illnesses.

Dr. Jellison uses integrative, functional, and holistic methods to improve every aspect of her patients’ well-being, from physical and mental to emotional and spiritual. She is a firm believer in food as medicine. To that end, she provides safe and effective nutritional therapies to complement her patients’ treatment plans. She has extensive as well as personal experience in mold toxicity (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, CIRS) and tick-borne disease.

Dr. Jellison possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Her concern for her patients and willingness to spend time with them set her apart from other care providers. Her mission is to help her patients heal and live a vibrant life.

Dr. Jellison of Jellison Integrative MD is a board-certified internist, fellowship-trained in Integrative Medicine, who offers holistic health services to patients in Prairie Village, KS.
Professional Societies

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

IFM empowers practitioners to deliver a higher standard of care by providing programs, courses, and other educational materials on functional medicine.

American College of Physicians (ACP)

The ACP is the largest medical specialty organization in the United States. Its members include internists, residents, fellows, and specialists.

International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)

ILADS promotes awareness of Lyme disease and related illnesses. It advocates for the recognition of chronic Lyme disease and supports the medical community’s efforts to improve diagnostics and treatments.

Licenses and Certifications


American Board of Internal Medicine

Dr. Jellison is licensed to practice medicine in Kansas and Missouri.


Integrative Medicine

Dr. Jellison completed a one-year fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

AFMCP Course Graduate

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

Dr. Jellison completed the course “Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice” along with several other Functional Medicine courses.

Healing is Possible

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